Augusta Precious Metals Review

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Augusta Precious Metals

Augusta Precious Metals is a company that has helped customers avoid costly mistakes with their retirement. They are expert advisors and offer educational tools to help you take charge of your retirement, as well as coinsurance plans for their members. They have superlative Customer Service ratings and boast an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is rare in itself among financial services companies today.

Augusta Precious Metals Education and Customer Satisfaction

Precious Metals has several departments focused on savings for customers.

The first department at Augusta is the Customer Success team.. Each customer is provided with a Customer Success agent. These people are the key advocates for our customers, and they can help you get what you need when necessary.

The second team is dedicated to learning and education. This team of professionals discuss and explain the current economy, allowing investors to get a better understanding of why it should be in their best interest to invest in gold and silver. One can also talk with one-on-one members via phone or web chat.

Gold Investment Companies Augusta Precious Metals

Many people are hesitant to diversify their retirement savings because they don't feel competent enough about the process that goes into it. After all, if you're not an expert on your own accounts, getting the paperwork right can be tricky.

Investing in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a great option for people who are just starting off and don't have enough room to save in order to cover the costs of a larger investment. The IRA processing team at Augusta Precious Metals Review makes the process simple and painless, freeing you up for more important tasks like watching your money grow!

This team will not only take care of handling the necessary paperwork for your IRA savings account, but they'll also handle all communication with the new custodian.

You have control over how you invest in gold and silver, and with our Augusta Precious Metals, we will show you exactly what to do. In fact, we'll build a portfolio based on the products available through the company's Products page for you.

The final step is for the confirmation team to make sure everything has gone smoothly, contact you on the phone with questions, and set everything in motion.

And our team of experts will help you through the process. We simplify the entire process with a streamlined plan and clear information about what to expect once you're ready to purchase gold from them.

Advantages Of Investing With Augusta Precious Metals

Their goal is to help any American with a retirement account, whether they know accounting or finance or not. On the whole, we simplify our own service in order to make investing much easier for people who might struggle with other companies’ system. We believe that having your precious metals company manage all aspects of owning your metal will give you the security and diversification that you want as an investor.

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To give your retirement account a boost, consider investing in metals such as gold and silver. Among the benefits are its ability to remain valuable even during volatile economic circumstances and the specific guidelines from the IRS for how much you can buy.

Each team member of our Augusta Precious Metals believes in a set of values, which is known as the "Seven Distinct Advantages."


The first of the advantages is knowledge. It has long been known that many other retirement companies invest your money without monitoring it. But, the team at Augusta Precious Metals not only monitors geopolitical and economic happenings but also ensures your savings are secure.

The Augusta Precious Metals team is made up of experienced educators. The company has an Ivy League background in finance, accounting, and international economics.

These educators are constantly researching and monitoring different factors that can affect your retirement savings. They have an up-to-date view of the global market, including both the value of precious metals and other investments like stocks, real estate, and gold.

As you consider precious metals for your investment portfolio, they can help you find reliable sources of this type of wealth. They have a full list of the benefits that regular investors enjoy by obtaining these gold, silver and other investable pieces in their blog post "A Guide to Precious Metals."


The next core value is commitment. What makes the company so unique is that they heavily focus on personal care, including catering to each individual customer.

The team at Augusta Precious Metals pre-screen every client before they even get the call. We recruit only professionals who have both strong backgrounds in personal finance and knowledge of the gold and silver market.

Working with an experienced advisor makes it easy to diversify your retirement funds without worrying about losing money. The company's goal is to make sure you're secure and that you don't have to worry about running out of savings in the future

This commitment is one key piece of why the company has such good ratings from multiple watchdogs. The firm receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and top marks from Trust Pilot, Google Business, and other independent third-party evaluators.


The third key component of the customer service model is respect. Their financial analysts have the utmost respect for every consumer, no matter what your background. If you are looking to invest as part of your retirement savings, the company is here for you.

At Augusta, we make sure to offer stone-cold protection that covers any job or situation. There's no better way than by putting your savings into an IRA that provides tax advantages for you and your future.

A customer service team member will help you start the process of buying your precious metals. They get to know you so that they can be there for all your questions and give you accurate information about the ins and outs of gold, silver, and platinum prices in Augusta's market. They’ll also guide you through a one-on-one education session with an education educator who can teach you about how it works at Precious Metals Co. These sessions are hands on and personalized to each individual buyer's needs so that they feel confident making their purchase.

The process is streamlined and efficient, because the company respects its customers. You don't have to worry about time consuming headaches or hassle because you're not taken advantage of when dealing with Augusta Precious Metals.


Their company strives to give you as much freedom and flexibility in trading as possible. You can speak with customer service representatives through online chat or phone calls, or talk with educators about your transactions at any time.

When it comes to investing, people can choose different paths based on their goals. For example, individuals who are looking to grow their assets through investments have the option of choosing from a broad range of products available and have an agent take care of all the details.

When it comes to accessibility, Augusta Precious Metals makes your life much easier and the company is better in accommodating those with disabilities.

You'll always have the option to leave a voicemail if you call and aren't able to reach your assigned agent. Your message will be returned within a short period of time, whenever your agent is available.

If you have any questions about your purchase, please feel free to contact the customer service department. They can help with whatever issues you may be having.

Their customer service team can also connect you with the members of our departments who are able to help you. These teams include:

  • The education team, which is made up of professionals with expertise in finance and precious metals.
  • The IRA processing team, who are experts in IRA accounts and how to build your retirement savings.
  • The order desk, which brings together people who can help you select products and confirm your purchase.
  • The confirmation team, who can manage the planning and make sure everything is going according to plan.
  • Since they are such a large company, you have plenty of options for accessing the company.


Augusta is different from other companies that offer gold IRA accounts in how it handles the risk and benefits of their investment. The educators don't hide anything, they tell you everything you need to know about your choices.

The company's pricing comes as no surprise and the fees are disclosed with each purchase. Customers love how easy the system is to navigate because they know that everything isn't going to cost them anything extra on top of their order, which makes it very convenient for those just getting into ordering precious metals.

That's because Augusta Precious Metals has been highly accredited by market watchdogs and their ethical standards are upheld. And you can be sure that choosing them is a good choice to make for investing your money.


Augusta's website gives you a range of options for how to invest your money, with all their metals following the IRS guidelines for gold IRAs.

When researching Augusta Precious Metals, we found that they offer coins and other metals from well known mints. There really isn't any confusion about the setup process either. All of your options are clear as well.

Setting up a new account is very easy. All you need to do is pick the investment products that interest you and our customer service team will help you chose where your money should go.

After you invest in a metals company, the company will do all of the work from purchasing your best performing commodities to storing them securely.


At Augusta Precious Metals, each employee has a specific area of expertise. They work together to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible for investors when they invest in an IRA their precious metals investment company.

The company has a mission to be your trusted source for investment gold and silver. They also work with your family's savings in an effort to protect them in the future.

Our highly trusted team of professionals are experts in finance. They also have an understanding of the gold and silver markets, which is something we feel very confident about. Our group includes veterans who know how to set up retirement accounts and make sure they stay fruitful as you get older.

After you've made your investment, Augusta Precious Metals employees will let you know how the value in your account is doing. They will also have access to educators and other company teams for ongoing information on the market.

Advantages of Precious Metals

Augusta is an investment program offered by the company that has several advantages for those interested in purchasing precious metals.

Precious metals are more vulnerable to market fluctuations than other investments. One of the benefits is a price protection guarantee that protects your investment in case the market moves before you do.
Augusta Precious Metals Review Advantage

If coins you purchased go for less money within the first week after your purchase, you have a chance to return those coins and keep what you paid. You won't lose any money with our investment choice.

Delivery is also quick and simple. After you have placed your order, it typically takes 7 to 10 days for your metals to arrive. Customers who wish can choose a secure storage location when they are shipped.

For first-time investors, you're also given access to a complete 100% money back guarantee. This means that you don't have to worry too much about a potential lost investment.

Within a week, you'll need to request an additional refund if your purchase was not what you wanted. If your state has laws different from ours, the refund timing might change.

Augusta Precious Metals also offers a quick and effective distribution process. When you need to access your funds, the company can sell your gold and silver for cash on hand. It then wires you that money so it is easy to access when needed.

If you are interested in purchasing your metals through a local custodian, we have two options. One option is to have the metals shipped directly to you and take them off your account when they arrive. The second option is for the metals to be sent from the custodian themselves.

If you need help with your investment options, call the Augusta Precious Metals headquarters to speak with our customer support team at any time.

What to Know About a Gold and Silver IRA's

Every American can invest their retirement savings in gold or silver. When you reach retirement age, however, the United States law allows for the sale of precious metals for cash to use as needed.

Many people find that there are several advantages to creating a precious metals IRA instead of simply investing in precious metals, including freedom from paying taxes on the income.

Augusta Precious Metals Review IRA Eligible Coins
Another advantage of investing in precious metals is your ability to control the assets yourself. With stock holdings, you cannot take action to help a company that might be having problems conducting its operations due to forces not under your direct control.

Precious metals are a more reliable investment than stocks, and they don't have the same sort of volatility. The benefits of these resources make them an attractive investment option for some people with significant assets.

Many people prefer investments in precious metals because they are easy to store and take up little space. Digital assets such as digital stocks and bonds are at risk of being hacked, causing significant damage to your personal finances. Precious metals aren't subject to hacking or theft, which makes them a secure option for investment.

Preventing fees and the stress of dealing with mainstream banks is just one reason that investing in precious metals can be a good option for you.

You will have less of your entire portfolio invested in one sector that would be particularly vulnerable if the market suddenly took a downturn, allowing you to weather volatility and protect yourself against potential losses.

You may be looking for ways to protect your hard-earned money and investing it. Precious metals are a good way to do this because they remain valuable over time, which is unlike other investments that tend to lose value as the market changes.

The overall investment process is also very simple and straightforward. Augusta Precious Metals takes the work out of setting up an account, making the process easy for you - no matter your experience level.


  • Augusta Precious Metals has received top marks from multiple independent and government watchdogs, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Our customer success team will handle the entire process of setting up your account for you.
  • Whether you’re an experienced investor or just interested in learning more about precious metals, you can have a personal one-on-one session with the Augusta Precious Metals team.
  • Invest in supremely safe, reliable Precious Metals, and choose from a line of products from national mints like France, the US Mint, and more!
  • After you set up your account, you have access to ongoing customer support and educational materials.
  • Selling your precious metals holdings is very easy when you need money fast.


  • The company has a wealth of free educational materials, and you can talk to a knowledgeable educator for help.
  • You can also customize the investment choices in on any step of the process.
  • You get a lifetime of customer support after your first purchase.


  • There is always risk involved with investing in Gold, could have slowed profit growth.

Augusta Precious Metals Review Summary:

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the top Gold IRA companies on the market. You get complete control over the gold and silver materials you buy, and when you need money, you can easily liquidate your assets with a break-even point of one year.

In order to simplify the process, Augusta Precious Metals allows customers to work with their own broker and handles all of the paperwork for you. You are assigned a customer services rep who walks you through the entire process from start to finish.

When you sign up for an Augusta Precious Metals account, we’ll give you a lifetime of support. To help educate you on the different options available to select from, we have a dedicated team with wealth management experience to answer any questions that come your way.

Precious metals can be a popular way to invest part of your retirement savings. They are tangible goods with material value and tend to have less volatility than investments like real estate or stocks.

If you want to make sure that your retirement benefits always have value, contact Augusta Precious Metals today. A customer service representative is guaranteed to answer your questions and help you with the whole investment process.